M A T T H E W ~ P O P E

Tips and Tricks For Writing NIFs

Lessons learned from writing a small nif, with provided examples.

From GitHub Pages and Jekyll to Phoenix

How I moved my static site to a not-so-static site on Phoenix, side stepping re-writing and putting laziness first.

Redis Streams and Java Lambdas

Experiments with Redis' Streams and single consumer Java lambdas through streams.

Elixir On Android Part 1

An android app that is powered by Elixir (locally), using the JInterface.

Selectively Locking An Android UI

Locking certain elements of an Android UI when an event occurs.

Jumping VS Function Calling

Using goto to goto a label using function pointers, instead of calling a function.


Out of laziness, I install a RaspberryPi with a vibration censor to tell if I can do laundry.


College AI project to use a Neural Network with a Genetic Algorithm to play Mario!